Why do we have a refund policy?
Similar to Privacy  Policy , Terms & Conditions, payment processors such as PayPal, Skrill & Airtm force us to impose a refund policy to better understand the activity of our shop. This refund policy will be used by PayPal, Skrill & Airtm and judge our activity based on this refund policy. The folowing Refund Policy has been reviewed and approved by the payment processors PayPal, Skrill & Airtm.

• All clients are eligible for a FULL REFUND according to our 7-days full refund policy AFTER they receive their account.

• In case of UNAVAILABILITY of the game/product you have purchased, you will be issued a coupon code equal to the amount you paid.

• The coupon code will be redeemable over PSNGents and/or TheGentsMarket.

• Refunds can be issued within 7-days AFTER sending the account/product to the client. This policy applies to all console orders. 

• All orders come with lifetime warranty. Usage of inappropriate language or content to will immediately refrain your lifetime warranty.

Your purchase is considered an agreement & an acceptance of what is stated above. In an event of a PayPal chargeback, this TOS, purchase receipt & your order/Invoice ID will be used to defend our position & you will be blacklisted from our shop forever.

If you are considering a charge back, click here on why a charge back is not the right decision.


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