FAQs & Instructions

Why Should I Choose PSNGents?

• High Quality

You don’t want an account that gets locked in few days. At PSNGents, our priority is your satisfaction, not your money.

• Market Leaders

We are market leaders in this industry and we supply communities and shops overseas. 

• Customers Feedback

Our customers satisfaction is one of the best proofs we have for legitimacy. Click here to check our telegram feedback channel. 

• Can I play Online?

A : Yes, you can. After setting the account as primary, you can play online from your main account. 


Should I login/delete the account that you give me after download?**

A : No, you should keep the account to maintain game licensure but you shouldn’t login to it anymore if you didn’t buy it’s mail access. 

Are these accounts cracked?

A : No, ,they’re not. They are obtained by sophisticated private unpublished method that maintains account quality and longevity. 

What is the warranty? 

A : This is the question you’d ask for any casual sellers that sell CRACKED accounts made with armature outdated methods. At PSNGents, we don’t have such thing called as ” warranty ” as your account is yours and should last forever should you follow the instructions. Any problems associated with account are totally considered a failure to obey/commit to instructions and you will be totally held accountable.

Can I login from web?

A : Never. Only through your PS5/PS4 device.

If I logged in and I was logged out immediately, what should I do?

A : Notify us immediately and do not login back again. 

Can I change Email/Password to claim it’s mail access?

A : If you attempted to login from the web, it threatens the function of your account and may cause closure. Therefore, on traditional grounds, you cannot change the email/password. However, we can change it for you to the details you ask for for an additional fee of 4.99GBP. 

By reading these FAQs, you agree that you are aware of them and you shall be following them as long as you are playing the game(s) you have purchased from PSNGents and you agree you will not be raising a chargeback whether your payment was via PayPal or Skrill. 

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