We assume you’ve read our refund policy. If you haven’t, please click here.

– Assuming you will win the chargeback, why you still shouldn’t make a chargeback?

• Time consuming :

PayPal will take at least 10-20 days to review your chargeback after hearing from our side, your side &/or your financial institution opinion and finally take a decision ( assuming you will win the chargeback ). You could’ve better : 

– Negotiated a different game
–  Got yourself a coupon code that you can use at PSNGents
–  Also redeem premium accounts over TheGentsMarket. 

• Degrades Reputation :

Just like sellers, buyers who repeatedly make chargebacks are considered a burden on Paypal employees & case reviewers. Such users are considered suspicious for fraud or manipulative activities that do not abide by the Paypal user agreement and thus may temporarily and possibly permanently limit your account for this reason alone or require an intensive explanation or verification to your account’s identity in addition to the fact that you may be asked about the intention or the purpose of payment.

• Doesn’t Give You What You Want :

You made the payment in order to get the game. The Paypal chargeback will require more time to issue you the refund than what it takes us to deliver you the account. Therefore, a chargeback is not smart by all means.

• If Refund Is What You Want :

As mentioned above, Paypal will still take time to review our answers as we rehearse to them our refund policy. After receiving our response ,they will have to respond back to your financial institution on your behalf.   If refund is what you seek, closing the case and then we will refund you would be a faster approach than waiting 10-20+ days for Paypal to decide the case.

• Bank Administration Fee : 

If you think banks will assign an employee to handle your chargeback for free, that’s wrong. n order to process your chargeback, banks shall be issuing you a processing fee because reviewing and actively supervising the case updates is time consuming and thus they are likely to charge a fee for such a service. 

At the end of the day, it’s definitely your choice and this is not our opinion and/or  this passage was not written to divert or change your intentions, but this is in deed the actual situation and you can google the authenticity of this information out of free will. This is the procedure assuming you will be winning the chargeback. What if you didn’t? Therefore, the decision to chargeback is totally up to you despite truly wanting to serve you our entertainment on the long term. 
Thank you and we are always happier offering you our services.


Here's an example of someone who raised a paypal charge back against us and this is what happened :

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